Calculating the size of your marquee

There are some simple guidelines to follow to calculate the size of marquee you might need:-



  1. Decide from one of the descriptions below the nearest to the type of event you are planning

  2. Multiply the square footage given in the description by your number of guests


Reception: Drinks and canapes for example:-

4 square feet per person, allow an extra 2 square feet per person for a bar


Standing buffet: 8 square feet per person - includes an allowance for some



Dinner Dance: 15 to 20 square feet per person


Wedding Reception: 12 to 20 square feet per person

(lower figure without entertainment)


Dining room only: 10 to 12 square feet per person


Hospitality unit: 20 square feet per person includes space for reception area,

bar and dining room.


Another way of checking the size you need is to calculate the number of tables you need. If your event includes a sit down meal then you need to make an allowance of 100 square feet for each 5' or 5ft 6in round table regardless of the number of people seated.


Allow space for a dance floor about 2 - 2.5 square feet per person


You might need to add an allowance for a bar, possibly an extra allowance for a top table, servery and a stage or area for a disco.


You might want to include an extra allowance for your guests to congregate in the marquee separately to the table area.


And don't forget the caterers - they all have their own requirements but as an average, a catering area between 300 and 400 square feet is sufficient.


Many people having a ceilidh or country dancing don't bother with a dance floor and simply move the tables to one side when the entertainment starts.


Hopefully you will now have some idea of the size of marquee you need.

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